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PDA's mission is a non-profit organization that prioritizes the exchange of rapidly evolving information

on the latest technologies and regulations in the biopharmaceutical industry, including GMP.

As a registered non-profit affiliate of PDA International, PDA Korea Chapter was established in 1997 and aims to:

● We offer conferences and workshops to facilitate the sharing of best practices, technologies and regulations to meet the tactical and strategic needs of our members.

● Network with regulators and other representative bodies to drive industry progress through coordination across the industry.

● We provide information and networking for manufacturers, experts, academics, and service providers working in Korea's biopharmaceutical industry, and also provide regulations and materials translated into Korean.

If you register as a member of the PDA Korea Chapter, you will also be registered as a member of PDA international in the United States. You can register as both members at the same time for approximately the same cost and receive benefits such as events and brochures.

We aim to play a role in connecting Korea's biopharmaceutical industry to the global network. Please actively participate in the activities of the Korea Chapter as well as PDA International in the United States. We hope that many experts, especially young people, will join and contribute to Korea's biopharmaceutical development.

Jin Hyun Jeong

President, PDA Korea Chapter




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24년 동안(2019년 코로나 전까지) 53회의 교육을 실시하고 총 5,867명의 수강자 배출

1985Publication of the first GMP reference book in Korea ⟪KGMP Interpretation Manual⟫
Establishment of 『PDA Korea Chapter』 (KPDA)
2001Publication of GMP reference book ⟪FDA CGMP Q&A⟫
2007∙ Publication of GMP reference book ⟪Theory and Practice of Validation⟫
∙ Establishment of 『Korea Pharmaceutical Technology Education Center』(KPTEC) 

2007Celebration of the 10th anniversary of KPDA with opening of pharmaceutical
technology seminar

2008Publication of ‘GMP & pharmaceutical technology journal’ (quarterly) ⟪PharmTech⟫
2011Publication of 《 Comprehensive & Practical Dictionary of Pharmaceutical Terminology 》(revised edition in 2012)
2012Publication of GMP reference book 《 ICH Q7 Q&A – API GMP Interpretation Manual》
2015Publication GMP reference book 《 Global GMPs Q&A - Interpretation Manual of International Organizations and Major Countries GMPs》
2017∙ Publication of GMP reference book ⟪Dictionary of GMP & Pharmaceutical Technology by Terminology⟫
∙ Opening of 『 KPDA-Paik WooHyun Hall 』in the College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University
∙ Celebration of the 20th anniversary of KPDA with opening of pharmaceutical technology seminar

2022Dr. Jin Hyun Jeong appointed as the 2nd President of PDA Korea Chapter


Chapter Officers


Jin Hyun Jeong

Professor / CEO

Seoul National University

AbChemBio Inc

Former President

Woo Hyun Paik

PDA Korea Chapter

Emeritus President


Chapter Events

President's Greetings

Welcome to the homepage of Korea PDA. I am Jinhyun Jung, the 2nd President of PDA Korea Chapter. Since its establishment in 1997, Korea Chapter has been led by President Woo-Hyun Paik's dedication for 25 years. Many experts may already be familiar, but first, let me briefly introduce the PDA organization.

PDA was founded in 1946 as a gathering of aseptic manufacturing technology professionals under the name "Parenteral Drug Association" (PDA). Currently, while actively engaged internationally in research, information exchange, and exploration of recent technological advancements and regulations across various pharmaceutical fields including not only parenteral drugs but also all types of dosage forms, biopharmaceuticals, and raw materials, PDA continues to utilize its original logo. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, it operates a subsidiary Training & Research Institute (TRI) offering diverse educational programs on pharmaceutical technology and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). With a membership spanning over 40 countries and totaling approximately 45,000 individuals, PDA has established 26 chapters worldwide, including six in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Korea, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, and Taiwan. In Europe, PDA Europe, based in Germany, operates, while PDA Asia-Pacific is situated in Singapore. PDA regularly hosts conferences and workshops addressing the latest issues in pharmaceutical technology and GMP. In the United States, joint conferences with the FDA cover topics such as GMP, pharmaceutical technology, and regulatory matters. Apart from these activities, PDA publishes the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Journal and continuously releases Technical Reports covering various topics related to drug manufacturing, validation, and quality management. These resources are highly beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry and are regularly updated to ensure relevance.

Korea PDA is planning to organize 3 to 4 workshops or conferences annually starting from this year. As all information and educational content from the PDA headquarters are in English, understanding regulations can be challenging. Therefore, we believe it is essential to accurately convey information in Korean. For this purpose, we will invite domestic instructors for education, while also inviting foreign experts to learn about international cases. In these cases, interpretation and more detailed explanations will be provided.

In 2023, our first workshop focused on providing information on understanding and implementing the newly revised PIC/S & EU GMP Annex 1 for aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing. For the second workshop, we aim to delve more deeply into Contamination Control Strategy, providing detailed explanations and sharing case studies. The third workshop, scheduled for September 7th and 8th, will focus on the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for EU-GMP Annex 1. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we will strive to provide tailored education to meet your needs.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Korea Health Industry Development Institute and Seoul National University for their continued support. During the educational sessions, I believe it would be beneficial for professionals in the field if our sponsors could also introduce products related to the educational content. I also extend my gratitude to the instructors who will be delivering practical content that will be helpful in the field. I assure you that I will be a president who listens attentively to the voices of all.


Jinhyun Jeong

President, Korea PDA

Upcoming Events

(1) 16(Tue) & 17(Wed) April, Annex 1 Conference

Place: Seoul National University, Siheung Campus, Korea

(2) 27(Thur) & 28(Fri) June / Quality & Regulations Conference

Place: Seoul National University, Siheung Campus, Korea

(3) 3(Tue) & 4(Wed) Sept / CGT Workshop

Place: Seoul National University, Siheung Campus, Korea

(4) 26(Tue) & 27(Wed) Nov / Global GMP Inspection Conference

Place: Seoul National University, Siheung Campus, Korea

PDA Korea GMP Workshop



The Jounal of Pharmaceutical Technology